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17.01.2006: CD-Aufnahmen starten, DVD auch noch (Suicidal Tendencies)
"We're happy to let you know that our good friend and someone that talent wise and as a person we all highly respect, Paul Northfield producer, has flown back into town and work has started on the new SUICIDAL TENDENCIES CD.

"Paul has worked with us many times in the past, with both SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and INFECTIOUS GROOVES and most recently was out to record the show at the Olympic.

"For the next month we'll be sorting, working on and finishing up all the projects that we hope to release in the next year...of course starting with the new SUICIDAL TENDENCIES CD.

"Not titled at this time, this will be the first new SUICIDAL TENDENCIES CD in 6 years and we guarantee that it will piss off the haters...but then again, who wants to be loved by everyone? Certainly not us :)

"As for the Olympic show, we've seen some of the rough footage and we're incredibly pleased with how it's turning out. In the next couple weeks we'll also be shooting some additional interview, studio footage, etc. to be included in the live DVD. We think the people that went will agree that it captured the event and of course the people that weren't there will lie and say they were, lol. But of course that's all good.

"Speaking of good, the back is doing great. Not only am I way ahead of where I was with the first one, I've had absolutely no pain or residual side effects from the operation. I've been doing physical therapy, gotten the go ahead to get back in the gym and I've got a solid regiment of stretches and exercises specifically for my situation that has everyone confident that I should have no more problems in the future.

"Even I must admit it didn't think it would go so well, and that I would be able to consider doing more shows let alone touring in the future. That said, we won't be rushing back to do any shows or making any touring plans 'till after we complete the new SUICIDAL TENDENCIES and a few other projects that we're involved with and of course giving the back a few months in the gym etc...so it's pretty safe to say nothing before summer, but hopefully something's this year."

Quelle: myspace-blog von Suicidal Tendencies/Mike Muir
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